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Carpooling saves money, reduces carbon emissions, and is a great way to meet new friends.

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Featured Trips

Create any type of carpool.

One Way

A straight-forward drive from one place to another.

Round Trip

A round trip from one place to another and back to the origin. One-way or both ways will be bookable by passengers.


If you’re looking to give a ride to any kind of adventure (snowboarding, surfing, etc) this is the ride for you!


Got a long drive to/from the airport? Share that ride and offset that airport parking cost!

Open trip

If you’re flexible on date/time and want to maximize the chance of finding a buddy, choose this trip type!

How To Hovr

I want to go somewhere...

  • search for the ride you want
  • request to book a seat, and if the driver approves, pay for it (your funds are protected until the end of your trip)
  • arrive on time at the pickup spot
  • enjoy your ride!
  • verify that you arrived safely or the driver doesn’t get paid

I'm planning a road trip...

  • post your upcoming long drives (one-way, round-trip, airport, adventure or open-ended).
  • decide on a price for your seats (or use our recommended price)
  • approve or deny passengers who request to book
  • enjoy your drive!
  • get paid when the trip ends & your passengers arrive safely

Driving somewhere this spring?

Selling the extra seats in your car for long distance ride sharing makes your trip cheaper, more environmentally friendly, and more fun!

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