Road trip carpool, done right.

Carpooling saves money, reduces pollution, and is a great way to meet new friends.

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Create any type of carpool.

Hovr is for various types of long distance carpooling - from city to city carpool to cross country carpool! We're the only carpool app to support an adventure, airport and open ride setting.

One Way

Long distance road trip from point A to B.

Round Trip

A scheduled round trip from one place and back to origin. One-way or both ways bookable.


Surfing carpool, mountain (snowboard/ski/hiking) carpools, and more! If you're looking to find an adventure buddy, this is the ride!


Got a long drive to/from an airport? Carpool to the airport! Sharing is caring!

Open trip

If you're flexible on date/time and want to maximize the chance of sharing your ride, choose this trip type!

road trip carpool

Hold up, what is Hovr?

With Hovr, people already going the same way join together in one vehicle. This is cheaper, reduces traffic, is more environmentally friendly, and more fun!

Hovr is not for short drives or taxi-style rides and it's far cheaper than a taxi would be for a long drive.

Hovr is a carpool aka ride share app for long-distance drives (which are more economical to carpool than short trips).

How To Hovr

I'm planning to drive to another city / town / area of interest...

  • create your trip offer
  • choose seat price
  • review passenger requests
  • meet at safe pickup point, then embark
  • get paid when your passengers arrive

I want to join a road trip to a city / ski resort / etc...

  • find the ride you want
  • request a seat & if approved, pay
  • meet at safe pickup location, then embark
  • verify that you arrived
  • leave a rating & review!